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Wiper blades are responsible for helping drivers travel safely in physically severe weather. In bad weather conditions like heavy rainfall, wiper blades can be activated to help keep a driver’s field of vision clear. Many vehicles have a single pair of wiper blades located on the front windshield, but some vehicles also contain a wiper blade on the rear windshield. Because they are located on the outside of your vehicle, wiper blades are prone to wear and will require replacements in time. Even if they are not heavily used, the blades should be replaced regularly because the material they are made of has its own lifespan. Generally, it is recommended that wiper blades be replaced every 6,000 miles or every six months. However, it is worth noting that surrounding weather conditions may alter the lifespan of the blades, so it is recommended that all drivers inquire about the best time to replace their specific wiper blades.

On most vehicles, wiper blades are constantly exposed to the sun, whose ultraviolet rays lead to deterioration and eventual destruction. Wiper blades replacement is usually recommended at least every six months, depending on wiper blade wear and the season. Wiper blades replacement is usually done in pairs.

Wiper blades replacement is necessary in any kind of weather, be it sunny or cloudy, rainy or snowy. The reason is simple – if you can’t see, you can’t drive. It seems obvious that, in the rain and snow, you’ll use your wiper blades to clear your windshield, but even without a cloud in the sky, a good set of wiper blades will keep your windshield clear. Dust and road grime, not to mention dead bugs and pollen, can significantly impact your vision, but a quick spray of the windshield washers and windshield wipers can eliminate obstructions and glare.

The main reason to have your windshield wiper blades replaced is that it will provide you with much better visibility. If your blades need to be replaced, you could have a hard time seeing out of your windshield, especially during poor driving conditions. To ensure your windshield is clear, you should invest in a new set of wiper blades.

Do you know whether or not your windshield wiper blades need to be replaced? Our expert automotive technicians can help you determine when you should replace your wiper blades, and our knowledgeable employees can aid you in finding the proper replacement wiper blades. Our technicians understand that wiper blades come in different sizes and types. If you don’t know what size wiper blades you need or whether or not your vehicle uses conventional blades or beam blades, we can help. We are happy to answer your questions and will strive to find you the best windshield wiper blades for your needs. If you need any help replacing your old blades with new ones, please let us know. 

Kwik Kar of Mesquite Auto Care Center Wiper Blades Replacement process:

  • Remove wiper blade assembly from wiper arm
  • Install new, high quality wiper blades
  • Reinstall blade assembly on wiper arm