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Service – OIL CHANGE

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Regular oil changes are a critical maintenance item in ensuring your car’s engine runs properly and will have a long life. If oil changes aren’t done in a timely manner, your car’s performance and fuel economy can suffer, and long-term damage can occur.

10,000 kilometers: That’s the magic deadline for having the condition of your oil filter and engine oil checked and replaced as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Kwik Kar Car Service can offer professional oil change and filter replacement – also including recording in the service booklet and proper disposal of the old oil.

  • Quick, reliable and inexpensive
  • Use of top-quality oil and new oil filters
  • Proper disposal of old oil
  • Record of service work

When to Change the Oil

The answer to a lot of these questions is the same: Check your owner’s manual. It should be your car maintenance and operation ‘bible’. Don’t make assumptions on the interval based on past experiences or guidance from mechanics who profit from the work, because the timing has evolved over the years.

Many cars, pickups, and SUVs now have service reminder monitors that alert drivers when to change their oil. These systems typically monitor the number of miles a vehicle has traveled, and they also sense how hard the car is being driven and adjust accordingly.

Make sure you get your oil change soon after you receive such an alert.

Top Quality Applies to Oil as Well

When changing oil, it is always best to use brands which are suited to the type of engine concerned to avoid losing the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty coverage. This is why Kwik Kar Car Service workshops make use of quality oil brands satisfying the specifications and requirements of the engine manufacturers.

Engine Oil Is Lubrication

Even the least mechanical of car owner knows that a vehicle’s engine has hundreds of moving parts. And all of these parts rely on engine oil to provide the lubrication necessary for them to work properly. Some of these parts have clearances of less than a thousandth of an inch, so oil is critical to keeping the parts moving without touching each other.