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Service – Electrical System

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To run an automobile there is a very complicated wiring system. It is hard for a mechanic to tell you what is wrong by just looking at it or hearing what is wrong. Many car owners don’t know when they need a mechanic or when they need an auto electrical repair shop. There is nothing wrong with this, it just makes it easier to know the difference when something goes wrong with your car or you need some extra work performed.

As a modern technologically savvy repair shop, Kwik Kar Auto Care Center can: 

  • Perform electronic vehicle diagnostics, using multimeters, oscilloscopes and both OBD and dealer specific software scan tools, to locate the source of your electrical problem, be it all the way from a check engine light to a failed window motor.
  • Perform diagnostics to locate problems in a whole range of modules such as ABS, SRS airbag systems and electronic steering.
  • Diagnose and replace faulty alternators, starter motors and batteries.
  • Perform testing and repairs on electronic fuel injection and ignition systems.
  • Diagnose and repair fuel system components such as electronic fuel pumps.
  • There are too many items on the car to list, but armed with the knowledge of electrical circuits, we can apply our skills to a whole range of electrical problems on a car.

The solution to an automotive electrical problem can only be found at an auto shop with technicians that have the proper training. Our technicians are more than capable of providing the electrical work you need, whether it involves a power steering replacement or car wiring repair. Our car diagnostic service is able to identify electrical issues quickly and accurately. That is why we are the most trusted provider of auto wiring repair in Mesquite, TX and the surrounding areas.

Complete Car Wiring Repair Services

Today’s auto electrical system is more complex than they were years ago. That’s why you need our highly trained technicians to provide accurate car electrical repair services that include:

  • Ignition Problems
  • Headlight Problems
  • Battery Keeps Losing Power
  • Power Windows Won’t Work
  • Fuel Gauge Problems
  • Anti-Theft System Problem
  • Cruise Control Problems
  • Intermittent Electrical Shorts