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 Car & Truck Battery Replacement

Your vehicle not starting is a frustrating experience. There are multiple reasons why your car or truck may not start. One of the key culprits, is typically your battery. Kwik Kar Auto Care Center offers battery recharge, repair, and replacement services for Mesquite, TX and the surrounding areas.

According to AAA, dead batteries are a top reason for roadside assistance calls. With just a little knowledge and preventive maintenance, you can avoid having one.

You rely on your vehicle’s battery to keep it running.  We specialize in repairing auto batteries, and we’re focused on providing the excellent service you and your vehicle deserve.

We can help you choose the right battery for your vehicle and lifestyle. Our staff can safely and professionally install your battery and get you back on the road.

The electrical system is, in turn, powered by the engine. Here are the three key components of the electrical system:


Charging System

This is the heart of the electrical system. It consists of three main components: the belt-driven alternator, various electrical circuits, and a voltage regulator. The alternator supplies power to the electrical system and recharges the battery after your car has started. Just like it sounds, the voltage regulator controls the voltage, keeping it within the operating range of the electrical system.

Chances are that you need to replace your car battery if:

Batteries contain sulfuric acid that can severely burn your skin and could blind you.  Damaged batteries can explode or catch fire. Deeply discharged batteries can freeze. Do not jump start a frozen battery.

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